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    2. This is great! I was just thinking about my utter inability to think of a good, creative name. Nothing has stuck so far, but a figure a few more thousand “Generate New Game Company Name” hits should produce something! :)

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    4. Jesse says:

      Lonely Room Interactive was a good one that I got.

    5. B.Bambao says:

      :sigh: where was this page 1 month ago? Wish I had found it then… Would’ve made my search for a company name that much shorter. Though I do love what I ended up with (dreamtank) . :)

      • Matt says:

        Yeah that’s a great name! I’ve actually been trying to come up with a name for my new company… I’m probably not going with something from the generator after all :)

    6. Friguron says:

      Oh boy, how I love “random generators”… Just in case someone wants to try the “Rock and Metal Band Industry” in the near future, I implemented something similar some time ago:

      Greetings and congratulations from Barcelona

    7. Ben says:

      I got Yellow Knight lol. Yellow Kinght Inc, good name

    8. MyFreeWeb says:

      Lonely Soul United, haha.

      And I think Apple wouldn’t allow games from Sad Apple Collective in the App Store… Well, Angry Tank United is cool.

    9. HelenWLee says:

      “Man Boys” or “Yellow Queen” hahaha.. guess I keep on trying some more. Great anyway, doing a seminar tomorrow on business ideas and start your own co so I will spread this link.

    10. HelenWLee says:

      “Puny Girls Games”? :D

    11. Dexter Roderick says:

      I lol’d when I saw this one

      Edible Possum United

    12. Sean says:

      Black Uncle Studio

      I almost choked on my sandwich

    13. Reddoman says:

      oh god. “Broken Sparkle” and “Samwitch rainbow” i dont know which one to choose XD

    14. Matt says:

      Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to name my company “Hard Son”.

      • CharlesTheDuck says:

        Fail. I’d love to name my co.many that just so people would be like “What??? How does he know that???”

    15. halomanjohn117 says:

      haha. i got Black Men United

    16. Anna M Dobritt says:

      hehehe Dying Lawn Studio :)

    17. Anna M Dobritt says:

      Online Journey Collective :)

    18. Gordonfleaman says:

      Speedy Death O.O

    19. Chelsea says:

      Fail Tank Interactive

    20. Zeaga says:

      “Naughty Fathers United”
      Lord help us all. ;-;

    21. capu says:

      Heavy Pie.. awesome name

    22. yad says:

      “Late Everything Group”

      I wouldn’t want to give any work to that company.
      (Though I’m pretty sure every company suffers from this in a way)

    23. parent says:

      “Online Daughter”


    24. Fredigar says:

      I got South Bannana Studio.

    25. callum says:

      i got loud turkey

    26. Ray says:

      “Hard Men Games” sounds like it would be a great name for a company. That said, I prefer “Tricky Walrus Collective”.

    27. pat says:

      Edible Hammer Interactive

    28. Dubba says:

      Banana Banana United or Black Man… hmm…

    29. dav says:

      Flying Walrus Collective

    30. Pano k says:

      round girls interactive and terminal visions were good but i liked online panda group the best

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    32. ammar says:

      hahahaha i got flying sandwich

    33. Jimmt says:

      uh, generator not working…Uncaught TypeError: Property ‘$’ of object [object Window] is not a function
      >>this line of code: $(“#theCompanyName”).replaceWith(““+companyName+”“).fadeIn();

    34. Mia says:

      I got some precious ones.
      * Fresh Aunt
      * Sour Turkey Collective
      * Yellow Everything United
      * Soaring Skunk Interactive
      * Glad Son
      * Fast Tomato

    35. Queen Sawblade says:

      Queen Sawblade

    36. Berserker5 says:

      I got the perfect name on my 17th try: Damaged Soul Games.

    37. Jeter says:

      “Mad Son” LOL.

    38. CharlesTheDuck says:

      I’m pretty sure people will get pissed if I make a gaming company called “Whites Only Gaming”. It actually came up with that. That means that this generator is racist.

    39. CharlesTheDuck says:

      Soft Gils United and Kill Black Studio…hmm…I’m pretty sure this thing is racist….

    40. Decker Blackwood says:

      OK some of these are a little bit too random but not all that bad for a name generator

    41. Decker Blackwood says:

      but this site did help me make a good name for my company so i will give this site credit even though i didn’t use one of the names it showed

    42. Edvinas says:

      Rotten Girls Interactive nice…

    43. Tom says:

      Black man… Because why not?

    44. Zac says:

      I got Tomato Melon Studios

    45. Eric Hestand says:

      Dude, this thing may have some problems. I got things like:

      Quiet Women United
      Loud Black Man
      Fresh Destruction
      Whites Only Studios
      Never Perfect

      Then, I got some reall good ones too

      Undone Sun

      Lone Star Nights

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    47. Sean says:

      Dibs on Rad Bomb, it’s mine!

    48. jose says:

      This is fucking brilliant! And so stupid at the same time. I love it!
      I’m gonna register right now! lol

    49. Becca says:

      Naughty girls Studio… Is this trying to tell me something?

    50. Dan says:

      I finally find a good one, google it, and its taken -_- (digital panda)

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