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    2. Ted says:

      Congrats on the TrainYard App’s success (heard about you through! I know you are busy with your next endeavor, but I have a question – would coco2d be the best tool for creating a GPS-related app, or should I use something els? I’ve never developed an App before , nor am I a coder of any sort – merely a Grphic Designer/Video Director/Architect type, but I have a pretty great idea, but first want to educate myself on this topic to see if it’s feasible to pursue developing a new app, or selling my idea to an existing GPS App.

      Thanks for your time,

      P.S. Just bought my wife an iPad – I’m buying this app when I get home!

      • Matt says:

        If it’s an app, then 95% of the time I’d recommend using UIKit and not Cocos2D. If it’s a very visual/interactive app in a similar way to a game, that’s when I’d say you should consider using Cocos2D. I would definitely develop it yourself, if you can. Ideas by themselves aren’t very valuable, it’s the execution that matters.

        The other problem is that I really don’t think the makers of an existing GPS would let you tell them your idea. What if they were already thinking about the same thing? Now you could claim they were stealing your idea, even if they weren’t. Most companies have a very specific “no outside ideas accepted” policy.

        • John says:

          Yes, as Matt said, you can tell them about your ideal but they probably won’t use it. Why? Pride or lawyers or the common attitude, if it’s not my ideal then it’s not any good.

          I use a topo GPS map app on the iPhone. When you choose to show POIs (useful for planning future trips, no?) it quickly overwhelms the iPhone (or any screen for that matter as POI DBs have grown so big, everything is a POI to someone nowadays it seems) so I suggested a trivial and obvious way to use touches and gestures on the iPhone to manage these POIs and their display. Comicly simple but no one has done it that I know of.

          I don’t want a dime for this but do want to enjoy using the app. It shouldn’t be a chore to use the app. I don’t expect them to follow through. Those that have heard of the GUI lawsuits between Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and now Paul Allen against a whole raft of defendants knows why.

    3. Ted says:

      Thanks for the suggestions!
      Yeah, you’re right about keeping my ideas to myself.

    4. JR Morton says:

      <3 Trainyard. Funny that the first one that comes up in this randomized generator is "A game with Trains and Objects That Move To The Beat and Colours and Fuzzyness." Very similar to Trainyard ;)

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    6. Adriana says:

      A game with GPS and UIKit and Stolen Ideas.

    7. A.A says:


      Interesting post. I have a question. Isn’t there any tool or platform, a visual one to create scenes(levels) and place objects in it? Take example of Angry Bird, being a developer, a non-iPhone one, how can I make things easier by placing things at certain points? do I have to create scenes myself?

      I need advise how a game is started and how its completed, from thinking of a scene to Interaction. Kindly guide me. You already have my email


    8. Yo says:

      A game with Death and Friction and Death.

      Hell yeah gotta do that one!

    9. Kaleb702 says:

      “A game with Artificial Intelligence and Fruit.” A game where an AI eats fruit? O_o
      AWESOME. I’m making that.

      • William Broecker says:

        Zounds! You mean a game where an AI eats a fruit in an AE (artificial Eden) and then the AI completely fails (to please the programmer)? I think that’s been done already.

    10. Juana says:

      I first played trainyard on a friend’s iphone and loved it! Didn’t want to give it back! It’s an amazing game, have you ever considered expanding it to Android?

      • Matt says:

        I had a plan to make an Android version, but unfortunately it fell through, so now it’s a longer way off, but it’s still something I’d like to do eventually.

    11. Kaleb702 says:

      “A game with explosions and violence.”
      Vague, but apparently a good idea. *Glares at Call of Duty*

    12. Medeman says:

      “A game with Guards and Ink.”

      Did THQ use this generator for de Blob or what?!

    13. Mark says:

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    14. says:

      A game with Joints and Fire and Smoke.

    15. Taker says:

      A game with Birth and Guns and Explosions.

    16. Marc-Antoine says:

      A game with Wetness and Coldness and Swallowing and Sneaking Around. O.o

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